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The Meaning behind our name: Astria Group

At Astria Group, we are inspired by the goddess Astraea, also known as Astria in some traditions. Astraea was the virgin goddess of justice, innocence, purity, and precision. In ancient Greek mythology, she was a daughter of Astraeus and Eos and was closely associated with the Greek goddess of justice, Dike.

The name Astria, meaning “star-maiden” or “starry night,” captures the ideals and values that we strive to embody as a company. Just as Astraea represents justice and purity, we believe in conducting business with integrity and a commitment to excellence. The image of the stars, representing boundless possibility and optimism, reflects our ambition to help our clients reach their full potential and achieve stellar outcomes.

We chose the name Astria Group as a tribute to this goddess and her values. Just as Astraea stood for justice and righteousness, we strive to exhibit these same virtues in our work. We hope that our name serves as a reminder of the importance of upholding integrity and fairness in all that we do.

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